What is Offsite SEO?

Offsite SEO is an ongoing process that helps to get more traffic to your website through a range of strategic steps. Having an optimised website is a good start to getting the rankings you need, but without offsite work, your website may as well be invisible. In order to increase your ranking, generate more links to your website and improve your overall reputation on the search engines, a comprehensive strategy is required. The two primary aspects of this strategy include link building and social media.

Why Do You Need Offsite SEO?

One way to think about offsite SEO is to compare it to a traditional brick and mortar store. Once you have purchased the store and stocked the shelves, you need to get customers to your store. You could put up advertisements, run promotions, offer sales or even hire students to promote your store in your area. Offsite work is a bit like that – it helps your website get out into the online space to establish a solid reputation and increase your sales. To better understand how each aspect of offsite work helps to generate better rankings, consider the following components of offsite SEO.

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting link-backs from websites. Even more valuable are those links that are from trusted websites that have a high ranking of PR4 and higher as well as those that are in the same niche or topic as your site as these are considered more relevant. In the world of SEO, links are essential to show search engines that your site meets their requirements in order to improve your rankings. Getting links from low quality sites can actually harm your current rankings, while high quality sites will increase rankings. One should also avoid services that use automatic link building as these are most often than not seen as 'spam' in the eyes of Google. That is why we use manual link building in our seo packages and this not only ensures quality backlinks to your site, but that the information used in backlinks are correct and not half cut off or anything of the sort. There is nothing wrong with automating some processes in the link building process, but be sure that manual link building is the main focus of your SEO campaign. Things to know about linking strategies include the following:

Social Media & Factors

Social media also plays a big role in offsite SEO. If you do not already have a Twitter, Facebook and social bookmarking account, your search engine optimisation provider can help you get started while also helping you improve your traffic through social marketing strategies. Every minute, millions of users are on Facebook and Twitter – sharing, reading and finding information. Those users may just be potential customers if you have a solid social plan in motion. Factors to consider for social strategies include the following:

As a final word of advice, it is important to remember that onsite and offsite elements work together for the best results. Once you have the onsite factors in place, offsite SEO will help you get ahead online to achieve the rankings you desire.

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