Professional Copywriting

Words That Work Hard

Make sure the words on your website are excellent. A simple sentence, but if you follow this advice it will probably do more to improve your online sales than any other action you can take.

Copywriting is one of the most neglected aspects of creating a successful online presence. People focus on designing a beautiful website and appearing high in Google, but do not spend the same amount of time and money on their written content.

Yet it is the words that make the sale. The words on your site are so important that you must focus your attention on them. Here at we have a talented and experienced team of copywriters who will give you warm, intelligent and persuasive copy that sells.

Words that seal the deal

Good copywriting engages a reader and takes them on a journey. Your audience has very little time or inclination to read your website or brochure or email. So average words are just not good enough. Every word on your site needs to work hard making you sales.

Hyped up sales messages can be spotted a mile away by your customers. The old days where the winner was whoever shouted the loudest are over. Instead our copywriters will give you content that engages with your audience.

That means we understand your customers by walking in their shoes. As a result, your sales message is more effective and believable. In fact, at every step we build the trust and credibility that you audience demands before they will buy.

Our full range of copywriting services

Although we focus a lot on SEO copywriting and writing for the web, our experienced copywriters also have a long and successful history in print.

You’ll know yourself when you read good copy. It feels real and human. Not some meaningless corporate nonsense that you’ve read a thousand times before. You’ve put so much hard work into getting people to your website that it’s just a smart decision to do everything you can to keep them there.

Our approach and style of copywriting

Your organization’s tone of voice is very important. It’s the personality of your marketing message. We will give you a tone of voice that is friendly, confident and consistent across your marketing literature.

We use simple words, simple sentences and simple ideas. This doesn’t mean dumbed down, it means that your marketing message is clear. Clarity is so important. Without professional help it’s so easy to have a muddy marketing message, where your customers struggle to understand and remember what you’re saying.

And the rules of grammar are important, but it’s silly to stick to out-dated rules for the sake of it. So we bend the rules, when it feels right. We write like we talk, because that’s what works. So we’ll split infinitives and start sentences with ‘and’ and ‘but’. But, only when it’s right.

Copywriting optimized for search engines

When website content is written just for search engines, like Google, it reads badly. Your site visitors will know immediately if you’re more concerned with the search engines than their needs. So copywriting and SEO go hand in hand. In fact, your website’s content is integral to your success in search rankings.

We perform sophisticated keyword research, and use these words intelligently throughout your site, ensuring that search engines will find you. But the main focus of our copywriting is about engaging and persuading your human visitors to take action. Google likes content written for people and punishes sites that just dump keywords everywhere.

With you’ll have copy that Google loves and natural, engaging words that your customers will connect with.

Hire our talented copywriters for persuasive words that your customers will not forget. Remember: words make the sale, so contact today.