November 14th, 2012

According to a Jupiter Research Survey, looking on the search sites is probably one of the main uses of the Net among 79% of users. An Iprospect Survey in 2002 claimed that 78% of web users desert their search if the 1st three pages don’t provide a response to their query, and 28% don’t scroll past the following page of results.

Inktomi reported eighty million followed by LookSmart with forty five million every day. This means sending a sizeable quantity of uninvited mail through your domain mail server.

Link Farming Link Farms, or Free-for-all links pages exist only to help listed sites gain higher search engine positions. These are bad neighbourhoods and are scowled on by the top search engines. This is search website manipulation at its worst. Selling PageRank Some sites have gone as far as to sell Page-rank – i. Oh, and if your wondering what amount of cash is spent online ; a Forrester Research Report pointed to the fact that spending online reached $95,700,000,000 million in 2003.
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