November 1st, 2012

She’s similarly renowned for her ezine, Good Rankings adviser.

Many individuals come to a decision to create an ezine just because “everybody else has one. Since I was always giving out free guidance anyhow, it sounded right to share it with more folks. Together we made a decision on a name, made an Internet site for it, and worked out the way to host it, for example. Search engine marketing solutions. When that occurred, how did you handle the “conversion”? JILL : When we made a decision to part ways we had over nine thousand customers, and there wasn't any way I was going to start over from nil. We agreed to each get a copy of the customer list and go from there. So essentially, apart from having some customers, you actually had to start over didn't you? JILL : Well, the experience was there, as well. I had been doing the list admin work for the other ezine for a while so it was simple for me to contact the list host and have them change it over to the Excellent Rankings consultant. You have possibly spotted your internet site rise and fall in search engine positions a bit. So from the external world it will look like your internet site is totally full of “updated-by-hand” content. Htaccess” ( with the dot in front ) then upload it to your internet server. I lately had a guest article regarding how to do that, which you can read here. I cannot essentially remember anything I attempted that stunk at getting customers. They do not always agree with me, but at least they know where I stand.

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