April 23rd, 2012

Let's take a look at this idea in action with a page I lately made for one of my web enterprises : Search Site Workshops. As you would have heard, FirstPlace Software, creators of the extremely popular WebPosition Gold search engine optimisation software, recently revealed the upcoming release of the long awaited version two of their product. Nil is available in Beta format ( see link below ) and has an electrifying number of extra features to help web-masters guarantee their websites are spider friendly, ranking well and submitted to the most suitable search sites and directories globally. We under-estimated the quantity of work to keep the existing version current with the continuing changes at the search websites, while still contributing resources to version two. Additionally, version two has an amazing number of great new features and engines.

When you look backwards at my tangible Net page, do you see the words “Search Engine Conventions ” right under the graphic? That is the heading tag.

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