April 14th, 2012

search engine optimization agency.

On Nov 16th, 2003, Google started an update which had a cataclysmic effect for an especially massive number of web sites and, in the procedure turned seo the wrong way up.

In brief, a gigantic number of pages, plenty of which had ranked at or near the head of the results for a long time, all of a sudden vanished from the results altogether.

In reality I receive a really miniscule proportion of my traffic from the search sites.

Yes, like Colonel Sanders, I also have a secret recipe.

And if all the search websites vanished tomorrow, I’d be fine because I am a promoting man.

I was sufficiently lucky to be born a “baby boomer. It's about making an attempt to draw the ideal audience of searchers to our Internet site, right? Is that not what almost all of folk do? They build a Site offering their business services, then they are saying to themselves “How do I Get traffic to my site?” For many Site owners, their source of traffic is an after-thought. Let’s call it researching the “behavior” of your audience.

Who cares how much weight Google places on being listed in DMOZ? You do not have to tolerate that foolishness. Express guarantees that inside 7 working days an affiliate of Yahoo. ( If your entry is denied, you'll be told why.

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