September 16th, 2011

In this time we've been approached with some awfully resourceful ideas. The newest suggestions are from firms desiring to collaborate with us to form so called “SEO Portals. After doing so they might supply the clients / content for the portal. Correct seo and selling takes hours of analysis and difficult work if it is to be done properly. Let's accept it people our reputes are at risk here. But what’s frightful is that some of the sites I have seen using wrong strategies have been optimized by so called SEO “experts” who truly should know better. You see, while it might not be generally known among website design experts, most search sites index the content of title tags and consider it to be one of the most vital factors in their relevancy routine. Having declared this, you must try to keep your title tag to two hundred characters, as that's the average limit most search sites will truncate to. Why not hire an S.E.O firm? It might save them learning and research cash and time. I suspect for the moment, we here at JUMP Web Marketing organic search engine optimization will pass on this latest attempt at search site cunning, as we like to adhere to the straight and narrow and do things honestly and by the book. Kevin is an authorized S.E.O consultant thru Coastal Carolina School and has been performing S.E.O methods for over three years.
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