May 26th, 2011

This only occurs with existing business sites that've been online for 1 or 2 years. Find out more on Search Engine Optimisation. Google appears to be updating their index as frequently as every fortnight at that point and older established sites that are indexed appear to be re- crawled on that twice a month schedule on a reasonably routine basis. They often have comparatively good existing PR and do well for other Topical search phrases already. Yet the site hasn't been re-crawled by Google for over a quarter. One being a less visited and noted site and ten a site that screams traffic twenty-four / seven.

If you try that question on your own site ( replace your own web site name for lawfirm411.

One customer we worked with 2 years back had a dynamically generated, framed site. Com before making that new static site, but made a decision to share this strange experience with the S.E.O community before going to any extremes.

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